Making My Body a Shitty Place For Cancer To Live

Well this has been a real rollercoaster of a couple of weeks.  I left the oncologist on Tuesday being terrified I had Stage 4 cancer, and left another appointment feeling hopeful I can be cured.

When I entered this thing there was no question in my mind that I would play by the rules, do everything my doctors said and that this would be behind me in 6 months.  So color me shocked when I was told that even though I had played by the rules, my cancer had not.  It had advanced through chemotherapy.  And now to discover that my cancer is unique, and falls in the gray area on how to be treated.  Either side of the gray has a clear treatment path, but what do we do when someone falls in the middle?

While I still have the utmost faith in my medical team that they are doing everything in their education to cure/treat me, I just didn’t feel like I could sit idly by any longer and rely on medicine alone to fix this.

So many people have forwarded me hollistic recommendations, and while I was indeed not dismissive of those, I had such blind faith in my plan working, I didn’t make a ton of changes at home.

Well if this thing decides to take me, it’s not going to do it without a fight.  I would never be at peace not knowing if healing myself at home could have worked.  And by doing this, showing my kids that I did every trick in the book to keep swinging.

Because of those reasons, Freddie and Birdie, and the fear of the unknown, it has been reasonably easy to make these changes this week.

1. Meat – I cut that out early on, and spent a large chunk of adulthood without beef, pork, chicken or fish anyway.  Not hard.

2. Dairy – studies have shown a link between dairy and breast cancer.

3. Soy – studies have shown processed soys feed estrogen into your body and have been linked to breast cancers, as well as increased estrogen in men

4. Sugar – while the argument about whether or not cancer is insulin receptive is being studied, processed sugars aren’t serving me anyway

5. Gluten/processed grain – I’ve experimented with gluten free diets before, and didn’t find them all that hard, especially with all of the replacements these days. Over processed grains turn into glucose, which again adds more sugar into my body I don’t need.

So what do I eat?

Fish – not actually a fish fan, but wild caught fish has its benefits, and it doesn’t turn my stomach the way the idea of eating beef or chicken again does.

Fruit – 2 anti oxidant smoothies a day, adding in ginger & turmeric (cancer Fighting goodies)

Turmeric tea

Eggs – Organic eggs only!  Again, eggs don’t churn my stomach the way meat does, and it seems with fish and eggs it would be easy to order salads or something when I’m out



Milk Alternatives

Supplements – the list is long and I’m still uncovering what is best for me.  Recommendations always welcome!

Help make my body a shitty place for cancer to live 💪🎀



10 thoughts on “Making My Body a Shitty Place For Cancer To Live

  1. Nice work mama!
    I hate to say that I might have slipped a sugar treat into a little package I’m about to send you. Sorry about that! Feel free to save it or give it or trash it.
    You are so strong and watching you fight for yourself has me aw inspired.
    xoxo, Sheila


  2. I mean what you are eating sounds really healthy, I eat way too much soy, but not eating meat it’s hard for me to find a different substitute. I eat eggs and fish too. Having this positive outlook I would imagine makes it a little less daunting while changing your diet. Xx


    1. It IS really hard to find a soy free meat sub which is why I put fish and eggs back in there. I eat lots of legumes and beans, and shit tons of spinach, so I think I get plenty of protein. But soy would be so much easier. I was a vegetarian in the 90’s/00’s when the only meat / dairy alternatives were soy. So I get it. I’m just curious now how big of a part that played


  3. Ginger is a daily staple in my diet, too. I buy it from the produce section, organic, of course. I buy the capsules by Nature’s Way. I drink the Lemon Ginger Yogi tea when the mood strikes. I never thought of turmeric in my smoothies or juice though. I’m going to try that today in my Nutri Ninja. Thank you!! Have you tried Tart Cherry Juice in your smoothies? I just read that it’s known for boosting the immune system. I’m going to try it out.


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