Advocacy Toast


If my own cancer journey can do any good at all, I hope it does.  I don’t think everything happens for a reason.  I never really did, because I never understood how someone losing a child could have purpose.  Perhaps peripherally if you’re really reaching, but not directly.  I don’t see it.

With that being said, I almost immediately felt as if I had a duty to share my journey.  As someone who isn’t shy, isn’t private and isn’t quiet, it felt like those qualities, paired with this disease COULD do something.  I work with a lot of young women.  I have a pretty broad community outreach.  People needed to know that everything we believed about breast cancer (you’re too young, it’s genetic) were false.

I received this message this morning.  It both broke my heart and made me feel useful all at the same time. Maybe I got cancer, so that I could be an advocate for prevention.  Maybe that’s part of my job right now.  And if I can reach even one person (honestly I’ve had a handful of messages from women who found lumps since I began this process), then maybe there is a reason this disease chose me.

2 thoughts on “Advocacy Toast

  1. Girl, I have checked them quite a few times since I started reading your blog. It’s weird, but it’s like, let’s just be sure. I got an ultrasound at the OBGYN, (my bobbies are very small) last week. Thank you for all you do. Oh and my “thing” the C word is in remission right now. Check ups every 3 months. Love you xoxox 😘


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