Scanned and tanned

I haven’t blogged in FOREVER.  Maybe because I feel so normal.  It feels so behind me.  Processed ✔️

I know it isn’t, entirely.  Seeing the memories of my head shave and my first chemo, and pics where I can remember how nauseous I was, alert me daily that a year has passed since I began treatment.

Since active treatment ended in January, my life has looked pretty normal.  I came out of March with a clean scan in hand and ready to move on.

Then: some major bloating and stomach issues (of which I am no novice), felt noteworthy enough to mention at my bi-monthly follow-up.  I anticipated my oncologist being dismissive.  I was actually hoping he would send me home with some insane elimination diet to try so that I could actually stick to a diet for once (yes; dying has to be on the table for me to diet 😂)

I wouldn’t call his reaction to my issue a concern.  But it wasn’t a normal side effect of my medication, and that made him concerned. We agreed I’d try one of those crazy diets I wanted him to prescribe me, and if it didn’t take care of itself, we would need to investigate further and scan me again.

Doc google and I are good friends, and so I said “hey doc, is there a cancer that causes stomach bloating?”  And doc, said “yep!”  I said “well golly gee, which kind?”  And he said “Ovarian!”  And I said “oh the kind that I have an increased risk for due to my aggressive cancer treatment?”  And he said “that’s the one!”

To be clear, my personal oncologist did not sit me down and say “I think you have ovarian cancer now”.  Not even close.  What he did say, without saying it was “you’re not just someone who can ignore symptoms that seem unimportant. Tell me every thing, so we can rule things out as they come”.

So back on my Gluten free, sugar free anti-inflammation diet I go in hopes that this bloat will go away, so I don’t have to wonder.



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