Elimination Diet

Because I’ve been having so much trouble with my stomach this month, I did a half-ass allergen elimination.  I had done one late last year that worked well for me.  Let’s call it an ovo-pescatarian, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free low inflammation diet 🤔 Yeah.  So I tried that again, and felt better within a few days, but sort of slipped back into default junk food within these categories.  Chips/guacamole,  chocolate PB cups made from maple syrup or stevia, French fries.  They were all so yum, and I felt so free being on a restrictive diet, and still being able to eat “junk food”.

But it turns out even that may not be enough.  The bloating, the dull discomfort.  It’s not that I can’t enjoy life, I just can’t enjoy it as much.  And I don’t feel like myself.  I’m sluggish, I’m bloated beyond recognition in my stomach, and I spend half the day furrowing.

So I’ve  assigned myself with the task of doing a proper elimination diet.  21 days of restriction, eliminating gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, nuts, nightshades, processed foods, soy, sugar, coffee.   At the recommendation of my oncologist anything that causes excessive gas and/or bloating.  Beans, lemons, limes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, acidic foods, soda water 😩.

So I sat around all weekend moping about how the heck I’m going to do all of that and NOT eat meat.

Im still working it all out; but so far today I’ve enjoyed pan fried sweet potatoes, rice, spinach and sautéed mushrooms, sprinkled with nutritional yeast.  I’ve also had a coconout milk, pineapple, strawberry smoothie.  But if you have ANY ideas on what I can consume that would fall into those categories, please share!.  Think rice, veggies, quinoa, fruit.  It’s only 21 days before I can start adding stuff in to see if it’s related to allergies, or whether it’s something that needs attention, peptic ulcer maybe?  I’d take anything over a new cancer, bug I’m hoping for food allergies 🤞

If I make it the 21 days (I’m me, after all), I’ll keep you posted on things I enjoyed during this time 😘

vegetarian juice on table
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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